Simon Gilmore’s first novel:
The Adventures of Mr. Hawkins ‘The Golden Secret’

When young Tom Parker meets a strange and supernatural seagull in a Devon seaside town, he is propelled into an adventure beyond his imagining. The seagull, ‘Mr Hawkins’, asks Tom to help him retrieve the fabled ‘Sword of Isis’, return it to its rightful owner and free his friends, prisoners of an evil tyrant. With the help of a courageous rat at their side, they travel to a forgotten world that has lived in peace and harmony for hundreds of years but now is in the harness of a reign of terror. Following a succession of spectacular escapades culminating in a terrible desert battle, the three friends get ever-closer to the Sword of Isis. Will they free Mr Hawkins’s friends? Will they retrieve the sword? Will Tom ever get back to Devon again?
This magical adventure tale, a story of spirit and moral fortitude by Simon Gilmore will have young people and adults alike transfixed in its spell.

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