Simon Gilmore has had a lifetime of adventure, travel and the most fantastic experiences.

He was borne in Southampton England in 1953. One year later he travelled by ship with his mother to meet his father for the first time in Benghazi, Libya. His father was an officer with the Special Forces and his mother worked for the Foreign office. They were both very intrepid people and lived a life far less ordinary than most. After two and a half years in Libya they moved to Malaysia. With both parents travelling frequently, they employed a Chinese lady to care for him. She became an important figure in the family and devoted to Simon.

His parents were both highly accomplished sailors and naturally it rubbed off on Simon and, by the time he was just seven years old, he had won his first sailing trophy at the Royal Singapore Yacht Club. When he was eight years old, his parents arranged for him to spend ten days in the China Sea on the aircraft carrier, HMS Bulwark, who’s Captain was a close friend.

Simon was educated in a military school in Singapore and easily adapted to life in a vibrant, multicultural environment. It was an exciting childhood at a time when the Far East was changing rapidly both politically and economically. Singapore was moving towards becoming an independent state and there was political unrest everywhere. Attacks on British and European families by rebel forces were common.

In 1964 Simon was sent to boarding school in in England while his parents finalised their affairs in Malaysia. Finally they returned to England and Simon was transferred to a Grammar School in West Sussex, where his parents settled and took civilian jobs.

Simon’s interests at school were varied but he excelled in Music and Drama. However his early experiences of life in the Middle East and the Far East have stayed with him ever since and he developed a keen interest in writing. His stories won prizes and were often read out to the school by his teachers. Simon was also very keen on sport; in particular sailing, rugby, athletics, fencing and boxing. He set his mind on a career in acting, but this was discouraged by his father. A career in the Navy or Army was the preferred path for Simon – but not for him. He rebelled, left school at seventeen, left home and went to London and joined a rock band as the drummer. For the following six years, he worked with various bands, including some well-known recording artists. Although it was an exciting time, Simon eventually became disillusioned with the music business and decided to embark on a new career.

He took a complete turn and landed a job in sales and spent the next twenty years in the corporate arena, finally becoming a board director with a major international company. During these years he married and had three children.

In 1998 he left the corporate stage and started his own company, Deep Blue International, specialising in team building, leadership programmes and management training. By a strange twist of fate, this eventually led him back to something that has been in his blood since he was a boy – Sailing and adventure. In 2001 a new journey began and his taste for adventure and travel was calling out. Simon set up a yacht charter operation in Greece. He fell in love with Greece and has an excellent knowledge of the Greek islands and has many Greek friends. Since then he has sailed across the Atlantic and throughout the Caribbean. He is a very accomplished sailor and has clocked up thousands of sea miles over the years. In 2009 he sailed, with his partner, on a six thousand miles passage from the South of France to Panama on a fifty two foot catamaran.

Influenced by his own wonderful and inspiring experiences during his life to date and his fascination for different cultures and history and with a creative and imaginative mind, Simon has now become an author.

His first book, “The Adventures of Mr Hawkins –The Golden Secret” tells the amazing story of a wild and treacherous journey of a young boy and a magical seagull. Signed copies available at

Simon has started work on his second book and there are more to follow.